Mick Kolassa and his music

Blues. It’s at the heart of so many music genres but it also has many identities of its own.

Mick Kolassa – singer, song-writer and all-round blues enthusiast is a believer in embracing this diversity.

Here’s Mick on his approach to the blues:

“I call what I do free-range blues because we do so many different types, and so many different styles. Most people stick to one sub-genre…and so, people would say: ‘what kind of blues do you play?’ ‘all of it’ ‘do you play Chicago blues? ‘yeh’, ‘so you’re a Chicago blues band?’ ‘no’, ‘well you’re from the Delta, do you play delta blues?’ ‘sometimes’, and rather than just saying blues, I call it free-range and that kind of explains that we’re going to go anywhere in this great big beautiful world”.

I caught up with Mick at the 2019 Freiburg Blues Festival. We talked about embracing the  blues, his love of The Beatles, song writing and unpacked some of the songs on his most recent album, ‘149 Delta Avenue’. Have a listen:

(Running time 37 minutes)


(Image: Mick Kolassa)

For more on Mick’s music, check-out his website at: http://www.mimsmick.com/

Songs featured in the interview (in order):

Taylor Made Blues – Album: Taylor Made Blues
Cotton Road, Pulling me Down, The Viper – Album: 149 Delta Avenue
I Feel Fine – Album: You Can’t Do That (w/ Mark Telesca)
Baby’s Got Another Lover – Album: Michissippi Mick
Outside Woman Blues – Album: Double Standards (w/ Jeff Jensen)
35 Miles to Empty – Album: 149 Delta Avenue 

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