Brunswick, the world and Tim Read

In November 2018, Tim Read became the first Green to be elected as Member of Parliament in the seat of Brunswick, a traditional working-class Labor Party seat in Victoria, Australia.

Tim spoke with me about his first year in the role. We covered surprises, frustrations and the connection between local and global issues. I found it particularly fascinating to hear how Tim drew links between major international issues such as climate change, over-consumption and sustainability with the outlook facing the residents of the electorate of Brunswick.

Have a listen:

Duration: 23 mins 24 seconds

Tim Read on his election as the first Greens representative for the electorate of Brunswick:

“They wanted an MP who would speak to broader issues..I feel that at least enough of them were concerned about things like global warming which is a global issue which extends beyond the sixteen square kilometres of my electorate. They wanted someone who would speak to issues such as our overconsumption in society, excessive packaging, plastic waste, all of these issues which are some in some ways related.

You can see the connection between urban sprawl… increasing reliance on cars, creating traffic congestion and increased carbon emissions from transport leading to global warming.  All of these things kind of tie up and they affect you whether you live here in Brunswick or Bangladesh, and in fact Victorian coal…is contributing as much to the climate change that has contributed to the recent awful bushfire in NSW and Queensland as it has to the flooding that displaces tens of thousands of people in Bangladesh.”

JMP_7554 Tim Read. (1)(Photo: Tim Read out and about in Brunswick)

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