Corona at the Market

I ventured to the Queen Victoria Market about two days after the Federal Government  started to send Australia into lockdown.

The mood in the city wasn’t all that different and the sounds of the famous Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne were much the same, but underneath the surface there was a sense of uncertainty about what was ahead.

With the Government already banning events with more than five hundred people – resulting in the cancellation of the Grand Prix, Melbourne Comedy Festival and spectatorless AFL matches, regular life for Melbournians was already starting to change.

I spoke with market-goers from all over the world. It’s a snapshot of the quiet before the storm, how people were coming to understand the virus and projecting its potential impact.


(Photo: Queen Victoria Market, March 2020)

I’ll also introduce you to Selma and Neville Port, a couple running an AFL merchandise store at the market – staring down the barrel of business grinding to a rapid halt.

Have a listen:


(Photo: Selma and Neville Port, Queen Victoria Market 2020)

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