In the second edition of re:location, the spotlight is on Mannheim.

Mannheim was one of the German cities that left a really positive impression on me! I liked the buzz attached to the city, how urban it is and its distinctly international flavour.

I wanted to learn a bit more about the city and in chatting with Matthias Rauch (Startup Mannheim) and Julia Koch (Caritasverband Mannheim) I was brought up to a speed about a city where I wished I had spent more time.

Matthias and Julia really brought the unique elements of the city to life including its history of innovation (did you know the bicycle and car were both invented in Mannheim?) and its feel as a tightly-knit and dynamic community.

It was also fascinating hearing about their individual connection with the city and their organisations’ work in supporting the city grow in their respective ways.

Have a listen:

 (Photos: Matthias Rauch and Julia Koch)

More information:

Startup Mannheim is an incubator for new businesses (especially those with a creative focus), website:

Caritas is one of Germany’s leading social services, and the Caritasverband Mannheim is their local association in the wider Mannheim area:

*Feature photo by mnyar samir on Unsplash

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