Deon Bing and Cape Town

Like so many of the guests who you have met on re: location, I stumbled across Deon Bing with a Twitter search of #Cape Town and I’m glad that I did. He’s this week’s guest on the show.

Deon is someone who’s incredibly positive about his city and asides from a brief stint in London – he’s lived there his entire life.

One thing that really stands out about Deon is how much he has on the go. He has his own microbrew, hosts the local surf report on Capetown FM Radio and runs his own video production business.

He’s an avid surfer and a lot of fun!

In my interview with Deon, I was grateful for his even-handed assessment of the city. He’s a really hopeful and warm hearted guy and I think you’re going to enjoy this edition of re:location where we discuss life in Cape Town, the impact of Covid-19 and some of the the challenges the city is facing.

Have a listen:

P.S For everyone who tuned in – here are Deon’s Cape Town music tips:

  • Robin Auld
  • Jeremy Loops
  • Art Matthews
  • GoldFish

For more on Deon – here’s his website:

Deon Bing

(Photo: Deon Bing)

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