On this edition of re:location, I had the chance to talk with people who call Shepparton home.

What I like about Shepparton is that people walk about with a spring in their step and have a real warmth and friendliness. It’s visibly diverse and the people who I met and talked with had a way of making me feel very welcome. 

Shepparton is two hours due north of Melbourne in the heart of Victoria’s Goulburn Valley. For a city that is the hub of a such an agricultural area, it has a very urban feel. So often, this city is defined by its reputation as Australia’s food bowl. Very rarely do the wonderful people who give this city its pulse get the attention that they deserve. 

Have a listen to what residents appreciate about their city, some of the challenges that the city has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it’s like to live in Shepparton in 2020.

(Photos: Azem Elmar, Peter Zammit, Lachie, Jared, Joy – Shepparton 2020)

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