Penny Magann-Jones and Walgett

Walgett is worth the time to get to know – its colourful characters, great organisations and proud locals. That’s exactly what we’re doing on this special three part edition of re:location.  

In Walgett, there is a sense of residents working together to build a great community. A community that’s driven by a desire to be supportive, encouraging people to take risks and finding local solutions to challenges that are present throughout a lot of Australia. 

On the first part of a three-part series on Walgett, I talk with Penny Magann-Jones the Practice Manager at Thiyama-li Family Violence Prevention Service in Walgett.

We talked about some of the challenges that the town is facing, how this translates into the work that she does with Thiyama-li and what she loves about the people who call Walgett home.

(Penny Magann-Jones, September 2020)

For more on the work of Thiyama-li, please visit:

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