All about home

2020 has been a remarkable year. When re:location began, the world felt really far away even though most people were experiencing similar realities of being locked-down. As 2020 rolled along, from an Australian perspective – the world still feels every bit as distant with borders in and out remaining shut. 

Since re:location went to air, the sense of a shared global experience has faded. Some countries, cities and towns have returned to something close to normal programming. Others remain locked-down and are looking at further restrictions. It’s an unsettling time. 

This podcast was set-up to try to bring the world a little closer. Over the journey I’ve had guests from Columbia, Singapore, Cape Town, Mannheim, Lisbon, Chicago and many more international destinations. It’s been really special to hear about how being in a particular location shapes a person’s world. 

One unexpected turn has been how I’ve also been able to use the podcast to profile different towns and cities across Australia. With my home-town of Melbourne in lock-down, I’ve found myself on the road and it’s brought the different realities of life in this huge continent to the surface. 

On this special 21st edition of re:location, we’re looking back at the conversations that have featured on the show since we started in April. In a year that’s been characterised by challenge and loss – people have been forced to find positives and get to know their cities better. It’s been fascinating hearing them reflect on ‘home’. Have a listen!

(On the road to Marree – October 2020)

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