A healthy Australia in 2031

I spent a fair portion of 2020 driving around Australia. From town to town, people were always keen to talk about their sense of home and community. But what happens when that conversation deepens and the discussion spans across the entire continent? You get ‘Imagining Australia’.

This year my mission was to get people thinking bigger and into the future. I wanted to have conversations about Australia’s trajectory and the type of country that we would like to live in. As a timeframe for this new podcast I landed on ten years. 

Why ten years? 

Asides from being one of those arbitrary well-rounded numbers – it’s imaginable. 

In this series I ask questions such as ‘what does a thriving economy look like in 2031?’ ‘how will we treat the environment in 2031?’ and ‘what will the face of Australia look like in 2031?’ In posing these questions to specialists and community members, I was always struck by how many people told me “ten years, that’s not very far away”. 

Ten years is close enough not to be too utopic or dystopic. It’s a timeframe that Australians feel as though is within their grasps to shape and where current conversations are still meaningful to this future. 

Health is one subject that has been on everyone’s mind. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, I thought this would be a good place to start and a great challenge to have a conversation about health that didn’t constantly reference COVID-19. I wanted to find out what people thought a ‘healthy Australia looks like in 2031?’

And here’s the answer:

Once you get past all the different definitions of ‘health’ that exist, it turns out people are most interested in how we treat one another. 

My guests on this first edition of ‘Imagining Australia’ paint a picture of a more open country where discussions about mental health are normalised, where ‘treatment’ is community minded and those who are most vulnerable receive coordinated care. 

I hope you enjoy the first instalment of the podcast. I’ll be releasing a new episode every Friday, be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 


Evan Wallace – http://www.evanwallacetalks.com


Stephen Duckett – Health and Aged Care Program Director, Grattan Institute

Larissa Taylor – Policy Director, Mental Health Victoria

Jack Druce – Comedian

Kevin Yap – Cyber Pharmacist, Latrobe University

Many Melburnians


deliBass – https://delibass.bandcamp.com

mango_bone – https://mangobone.bandcamp.com


Delibass: Akeno, Moonflowers, Into Our World, Soul Beats Vol 1, Cynic

Mangobone: Edges of Neon, Pure Beauty. 

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