Caring for the environment in 2031

One of the most enjoyable aspects of producing the first three episodes of Imagining Australia was tapping into a real optimism that exists in the community in how we might look at health, multiculturalism and the economy in 2031. 

Staring down the barrel of a warming climate, continued environmental degradation and a loss of biodiversity – I steered clear from sugar-coating how we might treat the environment in ten years’ time. 

On this edition of Imagining Australia, I spoke with three individuals who have made it their life’s work to push for changes in how Australia interacts with the environment. All of my guests tap into themes of love, responsibility and political change to find a level of hopefulness about what sort of shift is possible. Have a listen:


Evan Wallace


Mark Howden – Director, Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions (ANU)

Kelly O’Shanassy – CEO, Australian Conservation Foundation

Janet Rice – Senator for Victoria (The Greens)

Young Melburnians


deliBass –

mango_bone –


deliBass: Soul Beats Vol 1, Hikaru, Dimensional, Moonflowers, Junya

mango_bone: Pure Beauty, Edges of Neon 

(New England National Park, 2016 – Photo: Evan Wallace)

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