Disability in 2031 – Part One

About 1 in 6 Australians are living with a disability and in recent times, we’ve become a lot better as a community in how we understand, respond to and define it.

On this edition of the show, we’re looking at how disability will be defined in 2031 in Australia. Over two separate parts, you’ll hear from people who have made it their day to day work to challenge expectations and realities for people with disability.

First up it’s Kim McRae, Manager of the NPY Women’s Council Tjungu Program. She offers a very different perspective of how disability is understood, some of the key contrasts that exist in Central Australia and the persisting connection between disability and poverty.

Have a listen:


Evan Wallace http://www.evanwallacetalks.com


Kim McRae – Tjugu Team Manager, NPY Women’s Council


deliBass – https://delibass.bandcamp.com

mango_bone – https://mangobone.bandcamp.com


deliBass: Dimensional, Moonflowers, Hikaru

mango_bone: Pure Beauty

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