Disability in 2031 – Part Two

We continue our exploration of how disability might be defined in 2031.

In part two of this episode we learn about our guests’ experience of disability in Central Australia and the challenges facing people with disability and their families in remote communities. Against this backdrop, my guests outline their hopes and concerns for how Australia could respond to disability over the next ten years.

Across some confronting stories, there’s a real call for communities to be empowered, people’s sense of home to be respected and for basic needs to be met.

There’s some harsh realities out there and a clear need to better understand insidious discrimination and the depth of challenge if we’re to become a more inclusive community. Have a listen:


Evan Wallace


Sandy Robinson and Jacinta Cordner (Alice Springs Access Advisory Committee)

Wanatjura Lewis, Rene Kulitja and Nyunmiti Burton and Yuminiya Ken (NPY Women’s Council).

Interpreter: Beth Sometimes.


deliBass – https://delibass.bandcamp.com

mango_bone – https://mangobone.bandcamp.com


deliBass: Dimensional, Soul Beats vol.1

mango_bone: Pure Beauty

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