Full speed and full time

It’s time to separate this website. Against the backdrop of full-time journalism, it’s time to renovate evanwallacetalks.com so that it captures personal reflections and what I’m producing.

I started this site back in 2017 on my way to Freiburg to do my Masters. I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts and reflections and a place to write that wasn’t my diary. These days, writing means something a little different when it’s now my job to tell stories and report news.

After its launch, the site grew to be home to a burgeoning passion for radio and podcasting. Now that part of my life has also become a little too big for this space.

My sense is that we’re all too reliant on pretty sketchy devices and platforms to hold our memories. I cling on to my journals as if they’re part of me – the thoughts and experiences that live in them make a huge moving box worth of diaries my most precious.

The words that also live on this website are equally as important. I’m a huge believer in the need to share, document and reflect and that’s something that I want to continue as I love the sense of challenge and dare that goes with putting my thoughts on the record.

Nothing stands still and the risk of being stationary is a sense of obsolesce. While this site doesn’t yet feel obsolete it certainly hasn’t kept up with the year. Definitely time for an overhaul.

Badger Creek Weir – Healesville, Victoria (Photo: Evan Wallace)

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