Sunday Slow-time

There’s a bird in the bushes. A delightful house wren making all sorts of music. One moment, she’s tweeting her bubbly Summer call and the next she’s jumping on the wind chimes that hangs between the two bird houses. When I look away, I catch her tail feather squeezing into the little orange and white … More Sunday Slow-time


The up-side of jetlag is the symphony of birds at 5.30AM in the morning. Another up-side is the chance to be able to write. It’s been a while. Today is the second day of my second visit to Jackson, Michigan. It’s a delightful part of the world and a city where I never imagined that … More Michigan

Full Tilt

Regardless of whether it was luck or humanity that took Dervla and Roz to the finish line, it was madness that put them on the road to begin. And this adventure stemming from a few loose screws is one of immense proportions. … More Full Tilt