Broken Hill

This edition of re: location is about the loyalty and commitment of locals to Broken Hill and some of the challenges attached to maintaining that sense of home. Have a listen.

Trevor, AJ and Bendigo

On this episode of re:location, we bring you the story of AJ and Trevor's friendship. It’s a story that involves cricket, multiculturalism and a lot of community mindedness. Have a listen.


What I like about Shepparton is that people walk about with a spring in their step and have a real warmth and friendliness. It’s visibly diverse and the people who I met and talked with had a way of making me feel very welcome. Have a listen

Chris Davis and Bogota

Chris is an educator, musician, podcaster and an excellent storyteller. He’s been in Bogota for the last ten years and he’s really seen the city transform. Have a listen!

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