An open window

Sometimes I feel the pressing weight of familiarity but most days I still feel that the window of exploration is well and truly open. 


I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask people whether they were feeling optimistic or pessimistic about where Australia finds itself in these challenging global times. The answer is a fascinating blend of apprehensiveness and gratefulness.

No time for agendas

Trying to attach a person’s political views to their position on COVID-19 is a fairly fruitless activity. Take away the extremes, and there is a world of convergence.

Life over the border

I had to adjust to two realities. The first was that if I didn’t want to be in ‘lockdown’ then I would have to stay on the road. The second was that to be on the road I would need to get over the sense of guilt that goes with having that freedom.

Deon Bing and Cape Town

I think you’re going to enjoy this edition of re:location where Deon and I discuss life in Cape Town, the impact of Covid-19 and some of the the challenges the city is facing.  

Shashank Bengali and Singapore

On this edition of re:location , I talked with Shashank Bengali about his experiences in Singapore, what it's like being an American in the city and some of the contrasts between the two political systems. Have a listen

Derek Bauman and Cincinnati

For the first edition, I chatted with Derek Bauman - a former cop and community leader based in Cincinnati. We talked about the city and the US's response to Covid-19. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy listening. 

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