Did you know the bicycle and car were both invented in Mannheim? In the second episode of re:location, Matthias and Julia bring the city to life.

2019 Freiburg Blues Festival

What really stands out to me about the festival, is the huge love and appreciation for the music and musicians from the festival-goers. The drive of blues isn't take for granted by Freiburgers and it makes for an incredible atmosphere. Have a listen.

A piece of cake

It doesn’t really matter if your language gets changed on you, or if rhythm is flipped around – I think we’re pretty well programmed to keep a level of comfort.

Lost in translation

As an outsider in Germany, my poor German feels like I’m chopping wood badly and with blisters. Big swings and a lot of exertion just to make a small point.


Emptiness and edginess. A torn past and liberal contemporaries. It’s completely mystifying and it’s very challenging to sum up.

Riding with Pegasus

My legs are sore today. It’s a good kind of sore. For the last two weeks, my new friend Pegasus has been taking me to different parts of Freiburg. He’s a sturdy thing – with suspension, enough gears and he thinks it’s ridiculous if you get up too much speed.

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