What I like about Shepparton is that people walk about with a spring in their step and have a real warmth and friendliness. It’s visibly diverse and the people who I met and talked with had a way of making me feel very welcome. Have a listen … More Shepparton

Last day open

The closing of St Kilda beach is only a drop in the ocean in the wider story relating to Coronavirus. Melbournians, like so much of the world, are battling with the enormity of Covid-19. Some people are taking a ‘day by day’ approach as they try to keep the basics rolling along – whereas others are hit with loss, fear and change. Have a listen. … More Last day open

Ups, downs and Ouch!

Not everyone can claim to have had a number one hit in Japan. Jon Mellor and British band Ouch! had three of them. I first met Jon six years ago while we were working together at Oxfam Australia.

Even by Oxfam’s colourful standards, there was something which made this dynamic bass player stand-out from the rest of the crowd. … More Ups, downs and Ouch!