Diving Duck Blues

Diving Duck Blues goes way back. This one stems back to 1929, and was first recorded by Sleepy John Estes.  Listening to the original grainy recording, complete with a sketchy mandolin and piano, I’m transported to a very different world.

Mick Kolassa and his music

I caught up with Mick at the 2019 Freiburg Blues Festival. We talked about embracing the  blues, his love of The Beatles, song writing and unpacked some of the songs on his most recent album, '149 Delta Avenue'. Have a listen.

2019 Freiburg Blues Festival

What really stands out to me about the festival, is the huge love and appreciation for the music and musicians from the festival-goers. The drive of blues isn't take for granted by Freiburgers and it makes for an incredible atmosphere. Have a listen.

Ups, downs and Ouch!

Not everyone can claim to have had a number one hit in Japan. Jon Mellor and British band Ouch! had three of them. I first met Jon six years ago while we were working together at Oxfam Australia. Even by Oxfam’s colourful standards, there was something which made this dynamic bass player stand-out from the rest of the crowd.

New Orleans

In June, Karin and I did an epic road-trip down to New Orleans. Passing through the 'musical south', New Orleans was the apex of our visit. It's a tremendously fun place and famous for its musical history. I wanted to find out what life in New Orleans is like in 2019 and I chatted with some of the locals to find out. Have a listen

Saturday reflections

It’s carnival time in Freiburg – and it’s quite something. The kids are let off school for a week, half the population is dressed up in colourfully gawkish medieval robes, there’s face-paint everywhere, and age is absolutely no barrier to participation.

A piece of cake

It doesn’t really matter if your language gets changed on you, or if rhythm is flipped around – I think we’re pretty well programmed to keep a level of comfort.

Blue Eyes and The Count

‘Sinatra-Bassie: an historical musical first’ breaks so much ground without necessarily realising its convention shattering approach. It’s a joy to listen to and captures so much of what makes swing fun: its playful pleasure.

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