What I like about Shepparton is that people walk about with a spring in their step and have a real warmth and friendliness. It’s visibly diverse and the people who I met and talked with had a way of making me feel very welcome. Have a listen


Toula Drimonis and Paige Saunders come to Montreal with very different backgrounds but both are incredible representatives for their city. The two live and breathe Montreal and dedicate their time to creating engaging and thoughtful media highlighting how the city ticks. Have a listen.

Chris Davis and Bogota

Chris is an educator, musician, podcaster and an excellent storyteller. He’s been in Bogota for the last ten years and he’s really seen the city transform. Have a listen!

Deon Bing and Cape Town

I think you’re going to enjoy this edition of re:location where Deon and I discuss life in Cape Town, the impact of Covid-19 and some of the the challenges the city is facing.  


Did you know the bicycle and car were both invented in Mannheim? In the second episode of re:location, Matthias and Julia bring the city to life.

Derek Bauman and Cincinnati

For the first edition, I chatted with Derek Bauman - a former cop and community leader based in Cincinnati. We talked about the city and the US's response to Covid-19. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy listening. 

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