Diving Duck Blues

Diving Duck Blues goes way back. This one stems back to 1929, and was first recorded by Sleepy John Estes.  Listening to the original grainy recording, complete with a sketchy mandolin and piano, I’m transported to a very different world.

Looping grumbles

the next time you read a miserable news story, your friend tells you about a rotten act or things look uncertain – don’t run away from it. Just ask, ‘is there an argument for optimism?’ and see where the ride takes you.

Saturday reflections

It’s carnival time in Freiburg – and it’s quite something. The kids are let off school for a week, half the population is dressed up in colourfully gawkish medieval robes, there’s face-paint everywhere, and age is absolutely no barrier to participation.

A piece of cake

It doesn’t really matter if your language gets changed on you, or if rhythm is flipped around – I think we’re pretty well programmed to keep a level of comfort.

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