Central Australia in 2031

Central Australia is part of the country that I think we could benefit from a much closer understanding. Its future will say a lot about the type of country that Australians call home in 2031.

Australia and Southeast Asia in 2031

In my conversation with Ben Bland, Director of the Lowy Institute's Southeast Asia Project,  we look at how Australia is positioning itself in Southeast Asia, what this means in terms of foreign relations and the big question for this episode: how will Australia engage with South East Asia in 2031? Have a listen!

An open window

Sometimes I feel the pressing weight of familiarity but most days I still feel that the window of exploration is well and truly open. 


Re-invention – it’s a terrible word. In fact, I hate it. It’s up there with ‘networking’ and ‘synergy’. But worse. More often than not, it dances along with its buddy: process. ‘The process of reinvention’ – which to me sounds like nails against the blackboard.

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