Breadth, budgies and bicycles

With restrictions lifting and borders re-opening, the last six or so weeks have felt like a camera re-focusing. A shift that’s been defined by the injection of great distance and new adventures with special company.


What I like about Shepparton is that people walk about with a spring in their step and have a real warmth and friendliness. It’s visibly diverse and the people who I met and talked with had a way of making me feel very welcome. Have a listen

PepperGreen Farm

PepperGreen no-longer feels like a traditional employment service but a place where you want to hang-out. I spoke with different staff, visitors and community groups at the farm to learn about this transformation. Have a listen!

Natasha Holgate – Twenty not out!

I sat down with Natasha Holgate in Woodend, inside Holgate’s newly opened taproom to learn more about the Brewhouse's history and her desire to strengthen connections with the wider Woodend and Macedon Ranges community. Have a listen!

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